Our Brews

The problem with Kava is... it doesn't taste good. Traditionally, the root is ground into a powder. then massaged in water to release the "Kavalactones" - which gives you the euphoric, relaxing, high - and strained to remove root fibers. The flavor has been compared to muddy, bitter, dirt water. I convinced my friends to join me at local Kava bars, but most couldn't finish their first shell. 

That's when I decided to blend Kava in delicious juices and homemade nut milks.  It was an instant hit.  We are now offering our 3 most popular flavors. "The Basic" is your traditional ceremony Kava extracted in water (think: Coffee - Black). "Mint Lemonade" is Kava blended with local mint, honey, and lemon. "Raw Cacao" is our vegan chocolate milk with almonds, cacao and fair-trade cane sugar. 

Being a fussy foodie, I always want alterations for my taste.  That's why, starting July 1, 2018, we will have a create-your-own Kava at "The Lot" on 50th & Division in Portland, Oregon.  Here you can make your own Kava blends by choosing between 20 different ingredients including fair-trade raw cacao, almond butter, cashew, lemon, bananas, local berries, stevia, honey, and cane sugar. Bonus, if you bring your own glass, you can pay by the ounce and save the planet from unnecessary packaging.